Set up your business in Abu Dhabi!

Abu Dhabi is the largest Emirate and the capital of the UAE, located on the south-eastern side of the Arabian Peninsula, besides the Persian Gulf. The city constitutes more than three-quarters of the area of the country of UAE, and is the second most crowded Emirate in the federation, Business Setup in Abu Dhabi. Notwithstanding the 10% of the world's oil reserves and is one of the largest oil producers, Abu Dhabi has been expanding its economy outside of oil export since 2009. Business Setup in Dubai, The city has been funding heavily in real estate, industrial development, retail, and tourism.

Abu Dhabi is one of the fastest-growing and wealthy markets in the world. For a businessperson wishing to start a company in the Middle East, Abu Dhabi is a viable location of choice. The corporate norms and business procedures in the Emirate are simple, and it takes only a few days for setting up a company in Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi has everything that an investor dreams of while thinking of starting a business. It is an ideal location for every entrepreneurial dream. Not only does it provide the necessary services and infrastructure needed for business setup, but it also possesses an increasing number of tourists from all around the world.

Why Set Up New Business in Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi, being the administrative capital of the UAE, is one of the most sought-after offshoring places in the world. It accounts for 95% of the country's total oil reserve and offers diverse investment occasions to almost all economic sectors. Apart from the fact that it is prosperous and safe, setting up a business in Abu Dhabi is much preferred due to its transparent and flexible Business Setup in Dubai Abu Dhabi procedures. Unlike in a few countries, it just takes a few days to set up a new company or open an offshore branch of your company in Abu Dhabi. For that, you must fulfill the required guidelines correctly.

Here are a few other advantages of setting up a business in Abu Dhabi:

  • Abu Dhabi occupies a prominent location between Europe, Asia, and Africa – and thus has close access from the rest of the world
  • The Emirate allows for 100% foreign ownership and provides an exemption from corporate and personal income tax
  • There are no foreign exchange controls, quotas or trade barriers
  • The living standards in Abu Dhabi are top-notch, with world-class facilities in healthcare, residences, recreation, education, and transportation.

Company Formation in Abu Dhabi

Free Zone Company Abu Dhabi

Free Zone company formation offers single-window administration and is authorized as an independent jurisdiction that allows an expatriate businessperson to own a company wholly (100%). There is no requirement to appoint a UAE national as a service agent of a branch or as a partner if the business is set up in a free zone. Setting up a business in the UAE has certain restrictions, so, free zones act as a gateway to carry on international business trade. However, local (UAE) supply of goods has to be channeled through local distributors, and the business is supposed to pay a 5% customs duty for it. Abu Dhabi Free Zone authority provides a perfect gateway for smooth registration of companies in the Emirate.

Mainland Company Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi has a list of mainland's which are commercialized geographical areas that fall under the UAE government and its authorities. They have regularized policies and legal guidelines, which makes the city one of the most developed economies in the UAE. A mainland company in Abu Dhabi can carry out business across the UAE but permits maximum foreign shareholder equity capped at 49%.

Abu Dhabi Offshore Company

Companies may legitimately move offshore Abu Dhabi for tax avoidance or to enjoy relaxed regulations. If one wants to protect its assets, then overseas Abu Dhabi company formation can be a viable option. Abu Dhabi offshore companies are non-resident companies, which precisely means that the shareholders get no visa, and there is no physical office. The businesses in Abu Dhabi are also not issued with an operating license and only get an official Certificate of Incorporation. It is because they cannot conduct manufacturing, trading, or business within the Emirates.

What’s the importance of the Memorandum of Association?


Companies involved in any sort of commercial trade activity can avail this license, both general and specialized traders need to obtain the license to carry out business operations safely throughout Abu Dhabi.


In professional license, 100% shares is owned by expat partner and a UAE national is appointed as a Local Service Agent. The license is acquired for non-physical services like consultancy.


The industrial license in Abu Dhabi is issued for those companies that transform natural material or natural resources into other final products and or is into any other type of manufacturing activities. Under this license 51% of shares are owned by a UAE national and 49% by the expat owner


Abu Dhabi provides 3 main types of license namely: Travel agency license as an operator of inbound tourism, Travel agency license as an operator of outbound tourism and Travel agency license as a travel agent. Under this license 51% of shares are owned by a UAE national and 49% by the expat owner

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