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Driving License Golden Try

Driving License Golden Try

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Services for drivers' licenses include conversion, replacement, renewal, and translation.

To legally operate a car or other vehicle inside the United Arab Emirates or in any other nation, a driving license translation is necessary. In order to prove your eligibility to operate a vehicle, your laws require that you get a current driver's license.


- You are needed by law to get a valid driving license that verifies your eligibility to operate a vehicle in order to be able to drive one inside the UAE or any other nation.
- The UAE's traffic and licensing authorities provide you the option of applying for a new driver's license or for your one-time, unrestricted attempt to get a license.
- If you are eligible for a replacement driver's license, you must follow the instructions provided by this program. To be eligible for the "golden try" option with the traffic licensing authority, you must have a sworn translator interpret your foreign driver's license if you wish to apply for a license from scratch.


  • For pickup service the location should be within 20 Kilometers from the office.
  • No paper translations may be provided to applicants seeking a driving license from Abu Dhabi Traffic Authorities; instead, the translation must be filed online utilizing Abu Dhabi Traffic Online System.
  • Government or third-party fees or charges are not included in any of the prices or charges listed for the services below:

- Scheduling for theory classes

- Renewing a driver's license

- Substituting a driver's license
- Conversion of a driving license

- Opening a traffic file or registering online


Normal Delivery:

Per license, one (1) working day (excluding time for traffic department approval).

Urgent Delivery:

For English licenses, this takes three (3) hours per license (excluding time for traffic department approval). For licenses issued in other languages, it typically takes 1-2 working days (excluding time for traffic department clearance).

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