The Ultimate Checklist for Driving License Application in Abu Dhabi

Driving License Translation Abu Dhabi

Getting your driver's license in Abu Dhabi can be easy if you know the proper guidelines! This checklist below outlines everything you need to know, from the first eye test to collecting your official license. Whether you're a young adult looking for freedom on the road or aiming to boost your career options, this step-by-step breakdown will get you cruising in no time.

Here's how to go through the process:

1) Ace the eye test

Visit a certified optician in Abu Dhabi for a quick eye check. Remember your Emirates ID! This step typically costs around Dh100.

2) Open a traffic file

Head online to the TAMM portal or the Abu Dhabi Police app to initiate your traffic file. You must upload your Emirates ID, eye test certificate, and a recent photo.

3) Theory test and internal training

Register for theory classes and exams at the Emirates Driving Company (EDC) using your traffic file number. Bring your Emirates ID, passport copy, residency visa copy, and another photo. You'll receive a certificate once you pass the theory test and internal practical training.

Schedule your road test and sign a training permit: Book your road test date on the TAMM portal. You'll need your UAE Pass, traffic file number, and test location preference for confirmation. After scheduling, you'll get a confirmation SMS with the date and location of your road test. You'll also be issued a training permit card. Expect to pay Dh100 for the permit and Dh200 for the road test.

4) External road training (atleast 6 hours)

Enroll in a private driving school in Abu Dhabi, like the EDC. Provide your traffic file number, Emirates ID, passport copy, residency visa copy, photo, training permit, and internal training certificate. Plan for at least six hours of driving lessons. Fees depend on your skill level, the number of classes chosen, and the specific driving school. The EDC estimates that Dh2,000 is the lowest cost for beginners.

Head to the traffic licensing department branch you selected to take the road test when opening your file. If you pass, you'll be granted your official driving license!

5) Collect your license

You can pick up your driving license card at your driving school or through Abu Dhabi Police Customer Happiness Centres. You'll also receive an e-license via email or SMS, with the physical card arriving within 10 days. The issuance fee is Dh315.

Remember, fees and license validity can differ based on nationality and residency status. Got a foreign license from an approved country? If you need help with the legal translation services' process, look into services like Lingoline for driving license translation Abu Dhabi. Their expertise can ensure a smooth transition to driving in the UAE.

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